Magic Truffles for psychedelic experiences and Microdosing

In this article we'll walk you through the dosage, safety and the Do's and Don'ts of preparing for a Truffle experience. 

We'll also give you an insight into the legal situation of psilocybin fungi, how you can order and receive them safely and what to do if your parcel gets held up.

The complete guide to using Magic Truffles

The complete guide to using Magic Truffles


What are Magic Truffles?

Magic Truffles are produced by the same organism that creates magic mushrooms. 
They grow underground and have largely the same effects as mushrooms, but the fungus creates them to survive, rather than to procreate. The main differences between mushrooms and truffles are taste, appearance and their legal status as a European Luxury food.

That's right - magic truffles are fully legal in Europe and can be legally sold and purchased worldwide, as long as your country of residence does not have an explicit law forbidding them. There are currently no countries with such a law (as of May 2023), more about the legal status below.

This makes truffles unique, as they are currently the only psychedelic with a tax category that is sold over the counter and is subject to quality control at production.

magic truffle portion on a leaf


Effects of Magic Truffles

Magic truffles are like the "little brothers" of magic mushrooms, although they are no less potent.

Truffles are widely popular for their amazing psychedelic qualities coupled with potential health benefits. They are the safest psychotropic substance there is, as they are deemed to be even safer than mushrooms.

Under the right circumstances, truffles can create life-altering experiences with lasting positive effects on mental health and life satisfaction.

The effects differ from person to person, but here are some of the most frequent experiences on a magic truffle trip:

  • visual distortions, eg strong colors and hyperacute vision
  • heightened senses (stronger smell, touch, hearing, vision and taste)
  • temporary "opening" of the mind, consciousness expansion
  • increased empathy
  • strong emotions, improved connection to the subconscious
  • sometimes also dizziness, muscle weakness and queazy stomach, prepare your set and setting diligently beforehand!


magic truffle heroic dose portion on a scale

Magic Truffle Dosage

How many magic truffles do you need for a trip?

The right Magic Truffle dosage can vary from person to person, as it depends on your psychological sensitivity and your physical resistance.

Resistance describes how much of the active substance is destroyed in your gut before it can even reach your brain. For example, If you naturally have a lot of MAO (mono-amino-oxidase) in your gut, most of the substance will be oxidized before it can take action. This means you will only get a little bit of an effect from something that would be a full dose for someone with a lower resistance.

There is no easy way to measure resistance, you will simply have to test it.

Your sensitivity is simply how easily your awareness catches on to changes in your inner state. 

Magic Truffles create changes in your brain chemistry that are going to affect how your mind works on both a conscious and subconscious level. To find out how sensitive you are to psychedelics, here is a trick: 

On a mini- or small dose, lie down with your eyes closed and try not to move your body. If you manage to do this for at least 3 minutes, you are experiencing the entirety of the psychedelic effects. If you find yourself fidgeting, moving and unable to hold still, this is a sure sign that you're suppressing the effects of magic truffles.

Magic Truffle Microdose: 0.5-2g Fresh weight / 0.2 - 1g dry weight

A microdose is supposed to stay subperceptual and should not affect how you act or perceive in everyday life. Microdosing has an effect on the mood of a person and makes you feel more happy and open, but without creating any sort of visual distortion.

Note that taking dry truffles only really makes sense for microdosing.

Magic Truffle Minidose: 2 - 4g (fresh)

A minidose comes with very light effects on perception, such as stronger colors and sensitive skin. This is dose that will already have an impact on your reaction time, so make sure you take it in a nice and safe setting!

Small dose of magic truffles: 4 - 6g

A small dose tends to be the threshold range of where you start losing your coordination. Make sure to only ever take it in the company of friends and not mix it with any other psychoactive substances!

Medium dose of magic truffles: 6 - 12g

At a medium dose, you can already start experiencing all of the effects of a fully fledged psychedelic trip, including time distortion and complete loss of orientation. The main thing that sets it apart from a really high dose is the duration of the trip. Medium range dosage trips tend to end after 3-4 hours, while very strong experiences can last up to 6-8 hours.

Heroic dose of magic truffles: 12 - 30g

A heroic dose describes the full psychedelic experience and can come with big outbursts of emotional energy as well as a universal sense of one-ness and loss of identification with your own mind ("ego death").

Heroic trips on psychedelic truffles tend to last at least 6 hours and require a lot of energy. Do not, under any circumstances, consume such a dosage in an unsafe environment or with strangers around. This is the sort of experience that some people have in a clinical setting, with the intent to make lasting changes to their own psyche.

Heroic trips have immense potential to make positive, lasting changes in a person's life, if such change is wanted. There is intense research going on about the nature of what makes these experiences so transformative, but from the thousands of trip reports and anecdotal evidence, you can see that there is a strong spiritual aspect to a fully fledged psychedelic truffle trip.

truffle ceremony incense

Can you "overdose" magic truffles?

To most people, an overdose constitutes a dose that kills or hurts the person taking it. This is impossible with truffles.

It is possible to misjudge your own (or someone else's) reaction to the standardized doses listed above. For example, a very sensitive person might get some strong psychedelic effects even from what is listed here as a "minidose". 

This can cause temporary discomfort, if you find yourself going through a psychedelic trip that feels stronger than what you hoped for. However, just like magic mushrooms, truffles have such low toxicity that you could not poison yourself with them if you tried. 


How safe are magic truffles?

Magic truffles are safe for adults, meaning they are safe for anyone capable of taking care and responsibility of their own actions. 

They are considered somewhat softer and much more predictable (meaning safer!) than mushrooms. And mushrooms are already the safest drug there is:

how safe are magic truffles, drug harm analysis

 Source: David Nutt, Leslie King, Lawrence Phillips, “Drug Harms in the UK: A Multicriteria Decision Analysis,”

When mushrooms were banned from sale in the Netherlands in 2007, authorities were left with the question what to tell the mushroom growers they had just put out of business. 

Easy: Magic truffles are safer than mushrooms, sell those instead! 

The reason behind this is, that mushrooms are only risky if you eat too many of them unprepared, as Amsterdam's weekend tourists are wont to do. Eating too many truffles is however quite difficult. They taste sour and need lots of chewing and determination to consume enough for a psychedelic truffle trip.

What's more, the potency of magic truffles is always the same from truffle to truffle. Yes, the varieties are often marketed as differing in effects and strength (which has much more to do with setting up the right expectations than actual chemical differences).

Fresh magic truffles contain about 1mg of psilocybin per gram of truffle and differ very little from that average.


Can you get stuck on a magic truffle trip?


The altered state of mind brought about by magic truffles is always transient, which means that it passes. This has both positive and negative consequences. You will never find yourself stuck in an altered state of reality beyond the threshold of 6-8 hours.

But also, no matter how much you love the pleasant and careless feeling right after an experience, it is going to pass and you will need to make an effort to carry as much of the serenity with you into your everyday life as you can.

 ideal setting room for psychedelic ceremonies

Set and Setting of a psychedelic trip on truffles

Careful preparation before using the magic truffles is essential.

Both outer circumstances and inner mindset play an important role and must be considered beforehand, as the effects may last for 4-8 hours and render you incapable of normal risk assessment.

  • ONLY consume magic truffles in a safe and private environment!
  • never mix with other psychotropic substances, like alcohol or even cannabis. (Only start mixing truffles with weed once you know both substances well and have had at least a couple of experiences with just truffles!)
  • Do your research beforehand to get dosing right (easier than with mushrooms because of their greatly consistent potency!
    [amounts in fresh weight. Dry weight = 1/3 fresh weight.]
  • consider doing this only in the company of a trusted, sober person to keep you safe and help pacify any upcoming emotional turmoil in states of altered consciousness.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing, are sober and in a safe environment and have nothing else to do that day.

Preparing food in advance for afterwards is a nice gesture to yourself, as especially fruit tastes many times better after a successful psychedelic trip. Note that it is best to go into a magic truffle trip on an empty stomach!

You can eat afterwards and will have much more fun if you are not battling a sense of bloatedness and a rumbling gut throughout the entire experience.

 european single market

Why are Magic Truffles legal?

Magic Truffles are an official product of the European Single Market: Produced, taxed and sold in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Tax Authorities (Koninklijke Belastingdienst Nederland) officially classified magic truffles as a luxury food in 2019, which marked an important step in their legal standing. 

Luxury food is defined as functional food consumed for its pleasant effects, rather than its nutritional value. This means, magic truffles are not a grey market product anymore, as they have their own tax bracket. 

Note that this is an incredibly unique legal status for a psychedelic organism and could only happen after decades of verifying that they pose no risk for the health of the individual and society. Truffles have been sold and consumed in the Netherlands since the 90's without causing problems and so, when mushrooms were banned from the market in 2007, truffles persisted.

This decision was CONFIRMED by a sentence of the royal dutch court in 2022: Truffles are indeed a legal luxury food, while mushrooms remain prohibited.


In which countries are magic truffles legal?

The short answer is: In all of Europe they must be legal as long as the European Union exists. EU and EFTA countries all share one market and you cannot limit European citizens from partaking in that market freely.

This goes for all products that are openly sold and taxed. For example, buying small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized for the purpose of keeping street dealing at bay, but cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands, because it is not taxed by the government.

The European Union operates as a single market, meaning that the member states hold each other accountable not to condone the sale of dangerous or prohibited goods by taxing those goods. 
This accountability comes with the promise that any product that is embraced by one EU member country, is automatically fair game to all the others. Any product produced and marketed within EU borders is equally available to all member countries.

To exclude customers based on their location, known as geo-blocking, is against the law. Geo-blocking refers to the practice of denying access to goods, services, or content based on a user's geographic location. This practice is common in the e-commerce industry and can result in customers being unable to purchase items or access certain websites due to their location. Geo-blocking is considered a form of discrimination and is therefore subject to regulation in many countries.

In the European Union, for example, geo-blocking is generally prohibited under the Digital Single Market rules, which aim to ensure that customers have access to goods and services online regardless of their location. Businesses that engage in geo-blocking can face penalties and fines, making it important for companies to be aware of the regulations in their jurisdiction.


Can I get in trouble for ordering magic truffles online?

No, what can get you in trouble is the possibility for your goods to be misinterpreted as something else.

Some customs offices are not up to speed on the differences between magic mushrooms and magic truffles. If you live in the European Union, this should not be an issue, as there are no customs controls within. But outside of the EU, your parcel may be subject to random searches.

It is very important for you not to forget that what matters for legality is whether your country has explicitly outlawed magic truffles. No countries have done that yet and truffles will often be mislabelled as "magic mushrooms", which can lead to you receiving a letter from customs.

What should I do if my parcel is held up by customs?

In case you ever experience any difficulty with your order of magic truffles being held up by customs, please contact us immediately.

Such misunderstandings are incredibly rare, but not impossible and can easily be resolved by simply pointing it out. Remember that customs officials are used to dealing with the illegal shipping of hard and harmful drugs and are completely unaccustomed to people understanding the legal status of their actions better than customs itself.

We will help you find the right wording and supporting documentation to clear up any misunderstanding quickly and efficiently.

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