• 👁️ Perceptual

    • seeing colorful geometric patterns
    • visions (as if dreaming)
    • very sharp senses
    • Synaesthesia (mixing of the senses)

  • 🧍 Physical

    • Greater body awareness
    • Sensitive skin
    • Changes in pulse and temperature
    • Muscle weakness, Nausea
  • 💙 Emotional

    • Powerful emotions
    • Laughing, Crying
    • Suggestibility

  • 🕓 Common Aftereffects

    • Calm and clarity
    • Feeling tired, sometimes confused
    • Sense of awe and connection

Magic Mushroom Growkits

The holy Grail of Mushrooms.

In as little as 10-14 days you can harvest fresh shrooms from this awesome growkit.

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Mushroom Cultivation

The basics about Magic Mushroom Growing

Magic Mushrooms 101

How long does it take to grow mushrooms?

  • Growkit: 1-4 weeks until first harvest
  • From spores: 2-3 months until first harvest

Mushroom growkits are already colonized by mycelium and can fruit very quickly after you set them up in the right environment.

If you want to grow from spores, this will take longer, but once you learn the trick, you can make as many mushrooms as you want.

How much psilocybin is in a gram of mushrooms?

Mushrooms are natural organisms and their potency can vary greatly!

This is especially tricky, because even two mushrooms that grow side by side may have different strengths.

As a very rough average, you can expect about 5-15mg of psilocybin per gram of dried shrooms. You can dry and powder your harvest, to make sure that 1g of mushroom powder is always the same strength.

Which mushroom strain is the best?

The best strain is the one that will grow well in your home!

When you grow mushrooms, your first priority is getting a healthy strain that will produce high yields. If you want to know more about what different strains there are and how to grow them, check out:

Which magic mushroom strain is the best?

Are magic mushroom growkits legal in my country?

Each country has different views on the legality of magic mushroom growkits, but here are a few things you should know:

Youre reason for wanting to grow mushrooms matters.

Many countries hold the view that while it is not okay for you to grow and sell mushrooms, it is perfectly okay to grow them because you are interested in biology.

In some countries, like Spain, you are allowed to have and consume them, as long as you bother nobody, eg don't eat mushrooms in public.

In Germany, organisms that can produce a restricted substance, psilocybin in this case, are only illegal if you intend to abuse them for inebriation. (Which means, in germany, Microdosing is practically protected by law.)

Buying magic mushroom growkits in the UK is tricky, even mushroom spores will be taken away by customs if identified. But ordering a kit that then gets seized rarely leads to more than a notification by the customs office.

However, jurisdiction is fickle and you should do some research into youre country's standing on growkits.

They do not enjoy the same status as a taxed and fully legal product as magic truffles do (Read about why magic truffles are legal), but they are normally considered to present no harm to the individual or society.

The legality of magic mushroom growkits

In the Netherlands, the country of origin of our products, Magic Mushroom Growkits are considered a Grey Market product.

While the sale of mushrooms is illegal, the production and trade of growkits is well established and known to the authorities - and tolerated!

If you can officially buy it within the EU, that's good news for you.

As a European business, we are obligated to ship to all customers at the same price, regardless of their location.
(To avoid Geo-blocking)

This status as a grey market product is still better than that of Cannabis, which is technically illegal in the Netherlands as well. At least, mushroom growkit producers officially pay taxes on their businesses, which puts mushroom growkits on much firmer legal ground than marijuana.