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Magic Mushroom Growkit Grail

Magic Mushroom Growkit Grail

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Growing mushrooms at home, for beginners and experienced growers

  • Mushrooms within 1-3 weeks
  • Harvest guarantee
  • Super easy handling
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Environmentally conscious, >90% trash reduction compared to traditional growkits

The Grail Growkit is a powerhouse of magic and the fool-proof solution for successful mushroom cultivation, regardless of your level of experience. 

You can harvest fresh magic mushrooms within 10-20 days, and have the most amazing trips, with these highly potent strains of golden magic mushrooms. 

All you need to do is receive your kit, read the instructions, set it up and not mess with it until it fruits.

Download the long form Instructions!

What to expect when you buy a mushroom growkit Grail

The mushroom grail is a living fungal organism that come sealed in a bag with an air filter, keeping them fresh and clean.

It stays sealed in that bag until the first mushrooms start growing, to minimize contamination risk.

Keep it that way!



Simply inflate the bag by blowing air into it through the filter. The air above the lid of the growkit is where most of the mushrooms will grow, so make sure there is ample space without putting the bag under pressure from within. Place the kit in a warm and mostly dark environment and wait for it to fruit.

The magic mushrooms will grow within a few weeks, usually showing the first mushroom pinheads after about 1-2 weeks. The ideal temperature for mushroom growkit grails is between 21 and 27°C.

Make sure there is ample ventilation reaching the growkit, as to provide the fresh air it needs to grow.

Magic mushrooms need light to grow, but only a little and preferrably, indirect light. Make sure it is never touched by direct sunlight or any other type of radiation, while allowing it to partake in the normal daylight rhythms of your area.


First mushroom grow stage: Primodia

The first grow stage of magic mushrooms is known as primodia, pinheads or simply baby mushrooms. They appear as tiny white "eggs" that show up all over the surface of the grail and gradually grow in size.

Try and adjust the plastic bag so it does not squish the little mushrooms, which could prevent their growth.

Once the primodia grow to about the size of a hazelnut, it is pretty certain that your growkit will produce fully fledged mushrooms, so it contains healthy mycelium!

Second mushroom grow stage: Maturing

Once the primodia are easily visible to the naked eye, you can support the mushroom growth by supplying it with water. Magic mushrooms are about 90% water and so a supply of fresh water can help them grow large and strong. 

Option 1: Watering the growkit

This option means you have to open the bag to water the kit, which increases the risk of contamination, but it may improve the total weight of your harvest.

Open a slit at the top of the bag, large enough to pour about 150ml of water into it. Only use water at drinking quality without gas and make sure to close the opening with a paperclip afterwards.

Your grail should be standing in about a fingerwidth of water that you need to exchange every few days, whenever the water turns yellowish.

Option 2: Leaving the growkit closed

You may also choose to leave the bag sealed until the harvest. 

This option allows you to keep the grail protected from contaminants until the very last moment while keeping the insides of the growbag near sterile.

It is especially suitable if you still feel unsure about grow results, or only have a very contaminated space available as a grow environment.


Mushrooms grow quite fast, so they will go from baby shrooms to fully mature in a matter of days.

Last grow stage: Breaking the veil

The underside of the mushrooms is covered by a thin skin called "veil".

Once the mushrooms are fully mature, the veil will let go of the rim of the hat and fall around the stem like a skirt, revealing the underside which will release mushroom spores.

The moment the first mushroom on the kit opens its veil is the perfect timing to harvest all the mushrooms that are beyond the primodia stage.

Wether you want to leave the younger ones intact and let them keep growing, or harvest all mushrooms at once is up to you.


Don't open the bag too soon!

If you open or damage the bag before harvest, this will end the guarantee so you cannot get it replaced in case anything goes wrong. Stick to this instruction and we will replace any kit that does not manage to fruit although handled correctly at no further cost to you.


You can choose one of 3 growkit sizes:

S-Size: The smallest Grail has about as much nutrient as a 1000ccm growkit, up to 50g of dry mushrooms can be grown in 5-10 flushes during about 2-3 months of harvesting every few days. 

M-Size: The medium Grail has about as much nutrient as a 1500ccm growkit, up to 80g of dry mushrooms can be grown in 5-10 flushes during about 2-3 months of harvesting every few days. 

L-Size: The large Grail has about as much nutrient as a 2200ccm growkit, up to 120g of dry mushrooms can be grown in 5-10 flushes during about 2-3 months of harvesting every few days. 

All Bluestem™ Grails contain concentrated nutrient, so while they aresmaller in size than usual grow kits they have a higher yield and more flushes. The mushrooms are easy to pick, without any remains of substrate on them.

The Grail is not only bio-degradable but great for composts or soil improvement and the amount of trash and packing material is greatly reduced in comparison to the traditional growkits.


Growing instructions FAQ

What type of mushrooms do the growkit grails produce?

The mushroom variety the magic mold produces is called Stropharia Cubensis. Due to some confusion in mushroom pop culture, it is also known as "Psilocybe Cubensis".

How many flushes are guaranteed?

One flush, actually the growth of at least one mushroom is guaranteed. But depending on the amount of mold in the air and poisons that may come into contact with the Grail, there can be 9 flushes or more, more than 5 are usual and most people get at least 3 flushes from the Grail.

The Grail is extremely immune against molds from the air by it’s design, so you should be able to harvest mushrooms at least 5 times, but rather more. The Grails have a high nutrient filling that allows for relatively very high yields through a lot of flushes/grow cycles until all nutrient is consumed.

I received my Grail Growkit, what do I do now?

The things you need to do, are:

1. Take the bag out of the shipping box.

2. Carefully blow some air inside through the bag’s HEPA filter, by pressing your mouth to the filter and pushing in air. The bag shall stand upright, the Grail inside the bag as well, with the filter on the bottom of the bag, next to the grail.

3. Place the sealed bag with the Grail inside at some place where the temperature is usually in the range between 21°C and 26°C. If it becomes colder during the night, it is no problem. It should never become much warmer than 26°C.

4. Place the bag at some place where there is either indirect daylight or UV rich artificial light. Never place the bag behind the window where the sun can shine on it!

5. Wait. Do NOT open the bag, do NOT spray, water or do anything with the bag. Simply wait.

I see the first mushrooms on the Grail! What do I do now?

Take a picture, observe the growth and decide wether you want to supply the fungus with water.

If you decide to add water, make sure to exchange the water every few days.


I see the first mushrooms opening their caps! What do I do now?

Now, the time of harvest arrived!

1. Prepare a plate, wash it, but rinse with enough water, so no soap remains on the plate! Rather dirty than poisonous for the Grail, or the “Magic Cake”.

2. Wash your hands and rinse with lot of water, so no soap remains on the hands. Do not use gloves, never use disinfectants!

3. With either a knife or scissors, cut the bag open as close to the sealed strip.

4. Take the Grail out of the box and place in on the plate.

5. Harvest the mushrooms by gently turning them clockwise or counter clockwise, trying to keep the Grail undamaged. Harvest only mushrooms that are near to open their caps but if they grow in clusters, then you need to harvest the whole cluster with big, small and tiny mushrooms. 

6. Wash the bag with clean water, never use any disinfectant or soak to wash it. Place he Grail int the bag, add some 100/150/200ml still bottled drinking water into the bag, put it upright standing and close it with a clip of your choice or a bit of tape, folding the top making sure the filter is not blocked.

7. 24 hours later, open the bag, pour the water out of the bag and then close it again.

8. Repeat this “simulation of rain” after every harvest.

9. If you see that mushrooms stopped becoming bigger, harvest them all, continue with step 6. After some days more mushrooms will grow.

Expect harvesting every few days during 2 or more months.


I have already harvested - and my Grail looks contaminated, there are some green/brown/yellow/gray/black molds on the Grail. What shall I do?

The air is full of spores of molds of many kinds, thus when the Grail starts becoming weaker as it’s life cycle moves to the end, adversary molds can attack it and start growing on it. As long as it is just a few small places, the Grail might grow some more Magic Mushrooms, as it is designed to be very protective against outside molds.

Keep it inside the clip-closed bag and observe it.

When you start noticing a bad and “rotten” smell instead of the strong mushroom-forest-smell you experienced when you opened the bag for the first time; thus when the smell becomes bad, the Grail becomes bad. Once it starts rotting, it will rot fast and within a few days you will either see some last mushrooms to pick or will have to dispose the Grail on a compost or into the nature, as it is great food for worms and insects. It is not only not poisonous for the soil, it is a healthy nutrient for the earth. The plastic bag must be disposed into plastic trash. But the complete Grail is bio-supportive, not just bio-degradable!

Thus, using the Grail instead of a growkit reduces waste by more than 90%, offers a 100% success rate to the buyer, is looking very attractive and the mushrooms, when harvested, do not have any substrate on them, so they are very clean.

Besides, the Grail has usually many more flushes (=mushrooms grow cycles) and the total yield of all harvests is much higher than for a growkit with the same volume.

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