FAQ about Instructions

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What's the difference between Classic and 100% mycelium Growkits?

Classic and 100& Mycelium Growkits are created by different producers.

100% Mycelium kits are extremely nutrient dense and have no cover layer on top. They do not require watering.
Their growbag is perforated and cannot hold water.

Classic Growkits are a little cheaper, because they have a layer of "topsoil" that is not colonized by mycelium. They require watering prior to use and you keep water in the growbag throughout the growing process.
Their growbags are lined with HEPA filters.

Do you ship Magic Mushrooms?

Sadly, Magic Mushrooms were banned in the Netherlands in 2007.
You can buy Magic Mushroom grow products and we would like to encourage everyone to learn to grow their own mushrooms. It’s fun to see them grow and build a connection with them.
If you purchase “Magic Mushrooms” on the black market (e.g. on a street corner) they might be low quality or even soaked with something harmful!

What is the difference of Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles?

There are basically three differences:
1. The Magic Truffles have been officially legalized as luxury food – explicitly opposite to Magic Mushrooms.

2. Magic Truffles are a bit like the “small bothers and sisters” to Magic Mushrooms, very similar in effect and potency. Shops calling one kind very strong and the other weak are doing marketing and lying for profit. That is true for Magic Mushrooms, but not for Magic Truffles.

3. The Truffle cells are hard and resistant, the mushroom cells are soft and release the substances easily. That means, Magic Truffles are especially suitable for microdosing and high dosing is connected with more effort in consumption, while Magic Mushrooms are especially easy to use for high dosing and microdosing needs more efforts.

But both can be used for microdosing and high dosing.

Help! My mushrooms aren't growing.

If you've been following the instructions and there are no mushroom pins on your kit after 14 days, please contact our support!