• 💪 Body

    • Increased energy levels
    • Decreased inflammation
    • Less Cravings
  • 🎯 Mind

    • Better mood
    • Increased focus
    • Less negative thought patterns

  • ❤️ Heart

    • Improved empathy
    • More patience for self and others
    • Creates open, loving feeling
  • 🧠 Brain

    • Increased learning capacity
    • Less brain fog
    • Helps brain cell growth

What is Microdosing?

Psilocybin fungi Microdosing is the regular intake of tiny dosages of magic mushrooms or magic truffles. This does not create any distortions in perception, visuals, or other typical psychedelic effects.

The effects this practice creates are sub-perceptual, leaving the user fully sober and functional. The idea is that when you microdose, you can still do anything you would normally do. This lets you enjoy the positive side of psychedelic fungi without the trippy effects.

How do you use Microdosing?

Microdosing leaves you completely sober and focused. You take psilocybin fungi regularly and benefit from their effects withot the trip.

As the name suggests, you take in tiny dosages of magic mushrooms or truffles.

Usually, 1/10 of a low active dose will do, as this allows you do everything you do normal- but better.

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The basics about Psilocybin Microdosing

Microdosing 101

Is Microdosing addictive?

No, you cannot get adicted to Microdosing.

You have to make a conscious choice to take a microdose every single time, it does not become a craving.

Magic Fungi are 100% non-addictive and can even help break through existing addictions.

How much is a microdose?

With Magic truffles, a standard microdose is 1g fresh, or 0.3g dry weight.

For mushrooms the answer is a little more complex, as their potency can vary a lot.

A Cubensis mushroom microdose is about 0.1-0.2g, but you will have to dry and powder all your mushrooms to make sure they always have thesame potency per weight.

In what situations should I not microdose?

As long as the effects remain fully subconscious, microdosing won't affect your judgement or reaction speed.

There may be certain exraordinary situations in which you should refrain from using psychotropic substances in general. Make sure to check with a healthcare practitioner before use if any of these apply to you:

  • pregnancy
  • suspected or diagnosed mental illness
  • averse reactions to psychedelics in the past
  • allergy to mushrooms or truffles

How do other substances react with microdosing?

Microdosing and alcohol

Moderate alcohol consumption does not tend to hinder microdosing. Ideally, leave a few hours break between the two - if you microdose in the morning, you can still drink a beer in the evening.

It's best to abstain from large doses of alcohol when you microdose, or skip a day of microdosing if you plan on drinking a lot.

Microdosing and Antidepressants

In recent years, many people started microdosing as a supplement or even replacement to their antidepressive medication.

(Note that this is not medical advice)

Taking antidepressants over time creates a much higher tolerance that can cause you to feel no effects at all from a normal microdose. It is always better not to mix the two things, but if you still want to try, make sure to only raise the dose very slowly and gradually over the course of a few days. Give your body time to adjust.

Microdosing and Cannabis

Weed and microdosing tend not to have too much of an effect on each other in most cases. Of course, if you raise your awareness ans sensitivity even a little, you may experience the effects of cannabis more strongly.

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