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Mystery Magic Mushroom

Mystery Magic Mushroom

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Bluestem Combobag

The best growkit there is. Huge yield because of freshness! Yield more than 1kg fresh mushrooms in 3-5 flushes.

The "bulk" bag (the black bag) needs to be cooked by the buyer for 60 minutes. After cooling down, the content of the white bag is mixed into the freshly cooked bag. This way, the mushrooms start growing in 6-10 days and they grow in vast amounts, more than in any other growkit!

Instructions - Download detailed PDF with pictures (EN)


Mushrooms are widely popular for their amazing psychedelic qualities coupled with potential health benefits. They are the safest psychotropic substance there is and under the right circumstances can create life-altering experiences with lasting positive effects on mental health and life satisfaction.

- visual distortions, eg strong colors and hyperacute vision
- heightened senses (stronger smell, touch, hearing, vision and taste)
- temporary "opening" of the mind, consciousness expansion
- increased empathy
- strong emotions, improved connection to the subconscious

- sometimes also dizziness, muscle weakness and queazy stomach, prepare your set and setting diligently beforehand!

Set and Setting

Careful preparation before using the mushrooms is essential.

Both outer circumstances and inner mindset play an important role and must be considered beforehand, as the effects may last for 4-8 hours and render you incapable of normal risk assessment.

- ONLY consume magic mushrooms in a safe and private environment!
- never mix with other psychotropic substances, like alcohol
- do your research beforehand to get dosing right
- consider doing this only in the company of a trusted, sober person to keep you safe and help pacify any upcoming emotional turmoil in states of altered consciousness.

Preparation & storage

Between opening the box and harvesting your mushrooms, a period of 1-4 weeks may pass, depending on outer circumstances. Consider drying them after harvest, using our heat mat dryer - if you cannot use them up right away. Store protected from sunlight.

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Microdosing Works

  • Eoin G.

    "Really working for me, third time ordering"

  • Torben

    "Works good. More focusing and free mind"

  • Magdalena

    "Very well! These truffles are truly magical."

  • Anonymous

    "It works very fine, I feel better every day..."