Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the most common questions our customers have. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us. We are happy to help!


Legal status

Are your products legal to order?

ProviThor BV is a legal company, registered in the Netherlands and all products we sell are legal in the Netherland and thus the whole EU single market.
EU anti-GEO-discrimination regulation demands we offer and sell for the same product price to all citizens of the EU alike. No EU country officially rejected our products and each one gets paid taxes for all products delivered into their country.

Taxes imply legality. There is NO illegal product that is taxed by the government. You can read more about the topic why magic truffles are legal and look up "EU single market" to understand what freedom of trade implies.

However, this does not absolve you from the responsibility to check your own country's legislation and see if there may be laws contradicting the EU single market. That is not supposed to happen, but might give customs a reason to stop and destroy your parcel.

ProviThor B.V. does not assume responsibility for any damage incurred through such contradictory laws or misunderstandings.

(For more info, check our Terms & Conditions)

Why are magic truffles legal in Europe?

Magic truffles are living organisms, NOT a pure chemical substance.

The first step to understanding the legality is to realize, that psilocybin is an illegal susbstance in the Netherlands, as in most other countries. Meanwhile, truffles are freely produced and taxed there.

They have a VERY different legal status than weed, which is "tolerated" for sale in tiny amounts through registered coffee shops. Cannabis is NOT legal to produce in the Netherlands, truffles are legally produced and sold there.

So long as your country does not explicitly state that it excludes truffles from its market, it has no grounds on which to forbid you from ordering from a legal dutch business.

For the full explanation and the ramifications of having a Single European Market, please read: why magic truffles are legal

Why can't I buy mushrooms directly?

Magic mushrooms are NOT a legal product in the Netherlands, which is the seat of our company. They were forbidden from sale in 2007, while truffles remained unaffected by that same law and were later declared a luxury food.

You can grow your own mushrooms, but are forbidden from buying or selling them directly (in most countries).

Pay & Ship

Payment & Shipping

What are the payment options?

You can pay via bank transfer and with Cryptocoins.

  • Bank transfer ( plus Wise )
  • Coinbase
  • Plisio

For full explanation of the payment process, please view:

Payment Methods

Do you ship to my country? (any country)

Yes, we ship worldwide.
We ship to all EU countries and pay tax to the respective country you order from. We offer several different shipping methods.

To all countries outside EU, we ship tax free.
Your national customs office my charge taxes. To avoid this, use the cheap and slow shipping method or be prepared to pay import taxes for the full invoice amount according to your local customs.

The only country in the world that has very tough customs and creates a lot of financial damage is Norway. In case that you want to order from Norway, please contact us before you order.

What are the shipping options?

As you place your order, you will be asked to choose between:

  • Express shipping (UPS)
  • Standard shipping (DPD)
  • Slow shipping (Asendia)
  • Picking up at the office in Volkel, NL

For a complete breakdown of these options, please check:

Ordering, shipping & pick-ups

Do I have to pay extra for especially stealthy shipping?

No, all our parcels are shipped discreetly.

We understand the importance of discreet shipping.
This means, there is no information, no ads, no invoice in or on the parcel or the products. This helps them get through customs seamlessly.
Inside of the EU all of our shipments arrive.

Outside EU, Express shipments must come with an invoice.
We cannot guarantee for the actions of customs and can only reship lost parcels sent with track & trace.

We ship in a discreet but fully legal manner and to all customers in the same way. ProviThor is a legal enterprise and does not engage in any kind of “smuggling” or efforts to do so. Our shipments arrive at our customers the way we ship it and we do not break laws or rules to do so.

We ship successfully to EU, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Irak and Iceland - to name a few.

How long does the delivery take?

This depends on the destination and the chosen or available shipping method.
In general:

EU Express 1-4 labor days (1-2 into the big countries and cities, 4 for Cyprus, Malta, Greece rural places in Spain and so on)
EU Fast: (not to everywhere inside EU possible): 2-8 labor days
EU Slow: 5-15 labor days
USA: only slow shipping possible at this moment: 5-20 labor days
The rest of the world: usually between 10 and 20 working days


Magic Mushrooms

What's the difference between Classic and 100% Mycelium Growkits?

Classic and 100& Mycelium Growkits are created by different producers.

100% Mycelium kits are extremely nutrient dense and have no cover layer on top. They do not require watering.
Their growbag is perforated and cannot hold water.

Classic Growkits are a little cheaper, because they have a layer of "topsoil" that is not colonized by mycelium. They require watering prior to use and you keep water in the growbag throughout the growing process.
Their growbags are lined with HEPA filters.

How can I get a grow guarantee for my mushrooms?

Does ProviThor ship Magic Mushrooms?

Sadly, Magic Mushrooms were banned in the Netherlands in 2007.
You can buy Magic Mushroom grow products and we would like to encourage everyone to learn to grow their own mushrooms. It’s fun to see them grow and build a connection with them.
If you purchase “Magic Mushrooms” on the black market (e.g. on a street corner) they might be low quality or even soaked with something harmful!


Magic Truffles

What is the difference between Truffles and Mushrooms?

There are basically three differences:
1. The Magic Truffles have been officially legalized as luxury food – explicitly opposite to Magic Mushrooms.

2. Magic Truffles are a bit like the “small bothers and sisters” to Magic Mushrooms, very similar in effect and potency. Shops calling one kind very strong and the other weak are doing marketing and lying for profit. That is true for Magic Mushrooms, but not for Magic Truffles.

3. The Truffle cells are hard and resistant, the mushroom cells are soft and release the substances easily. That means, Magic Truffles are especially suitable for microdosing and high dosing is connected with more effort in consumption, while Magic Mushrooms are especially easy to use for high dosing and microdosing needs more efforts.

But both can be used for microdosing and high dosing.

Which truffle strain is the strongest?

There is almost NO difference between the potency of magic truffle strains.

They have been sold under different names and descriptions for decades, which created certain self-fulfilling expectations. In reality, their main difference is how long they've been growing.

Thor/Hollandia and Odin/Atlantis are the varieties with the longest growth periods.