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Our smartshop is committed to supplying top-notch natural psychedelics globally while ensuring safety and efficiency. We firmly believe that natural entheogens such as magic mushrooms and truffles have significant health benefits when used properly. We prioritize discreet shipping and providing comprehensive information on safe usage.

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Having the same effects as magic mushrooms, they can help bring balance to the nervous system, especially if taken regularly and in small doses.

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Magic Mushroom Grow Guide

Basic information on how to grow magic mushrooms at home

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Magic Truffle Retreats

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  • Christian

    "Super fast delivery, excellent product and who is curious should try this - works for me!"

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    "I am eternally grateful to ProviThor and the people behind the name."

  • Josephin

    The Customer Service is the best I've ever been in contact with - awesome!

  • Katja

    "5 stars for excellent service and a great product!
    The effect was very pleasant. I felt balanced, focused during the day and slept very well at night (at a time when I was suffering from insomnia). Happy to do it again! :)"

  • Anonymous

    "After just one month of microdosing I feel emotionally more stable, with a clearer head. It's been really helpful reducing depression. I have better sleep and concentration, and feel was less stressed at work. I can definitely recommend microdosing!!"

  • Lionel

    "Top service, they are always available and write back. The quality of the goods has always been great. They put their heart into it."


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