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Support your nervous system!

It's important paying attention to your mental health. Microdosing can support your brain naturally in dealing with things like...

  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders

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Grow Magic Mushrooms!

Safe and easy mushroom growkits can have your shrooms ready for harvest in a few days.
No grow experience needed, just set up the kit and get ready to enjoy some mushroom experiences :)

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🥔 Magic Truffles

Get your hands on some potent magic truffles and explore their potential for psychedelic journeys and microdosing use!

Truffles work much like mushrooms.

How to use Magic Truffles

Are there different types of magic mushrooms?

And which shroom is ideal for you?

Get started on your mushroom journey by learning about the different magic mushroom strains and species and what sets them apart.

Which mushroom is the best?

🤏 Microdosing

High spirits without the high!

Boost your mood and health with regular, tiny doses of Magic Fungi.
Our Microdosing products are legal, natural and 100% non-addictive.

From creative professionals to students, parents to health nerds, many people can benefit from the soothing effects of magic mushrooms and truffles in small amounts.

🌿 Ayahuasca & Psychotropic Plants

Sustainably sourced from the Mexican jungle: These powerful plant teachers bring you DMT and MAO-inhibitors in their most natural form.

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🧘 Medicinal Mushrooms

These Mushrooms are powerful agents of healing and reinforcing the body's defenses.

They can be a gamechanger to all who are looking to boost their energy the natural way.

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💊 CBD and herbal extracts

A selection of high quality plant extracts and CBD oils and gummies.

Cannabidiol helps many people feel more calm without diret psychotropic effects.

CBD gummies

🌱 Cannabis Grow

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