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Magic Mushroom grow kit (100% mycelium)

Magic Mushroom grow kit (100% mycelium)

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This 100% mycelium grow kit is the top product. The best there is!

Especially easy to grow and yields high amounts of mushrooms.

600ccm box yields about 200g fresh mushrooms

1200ccm box yields about 500g fresh mushrooms

The box is not watered in the beginning and no water is given into the bag.
Note: Do NOT place the mushroom growkit on a heat mat! These mats emit infrared radiation that can easily damage the mycelium and diminish your harvest. Use heat mats ONLY to dry your harvest once picked!

Download INSTRUCTIONS (in english and german)

Growing mushrooms for beginners

  • Choose your favourite strain
  • Receive your kit
  • Set up and get mushrooms in 1-2 weeks
  • Harvest
  • Reset, grow 2-4 flushes

These fine mushroom growkits are the top notch grow kit. The best of all. They're tried and proven, fully grown mycelium and ready to go. 

Experience level

This growkit is most easy for beginners (Level 1). If you are unsure and looking for a harvest guaranty, please choose the Mystery Mushroom and select the harvest guaranty. You will receive one of these 100% mycelium growboxes offered here!


11 strains of Psilocybe Cubensis mycelium, ready for fruiting

1200ccm size (standard size) yield of up to 500g fresh mushrooms, =50g dry, =250-1000 microdoses!

600ccm size (small size) yield of up to 200g fresh mushrooms, =20g dry, =100-400 microdoses!


Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the outside of the growkit with a dry cloth. Remove the lid and save it for later.

Step 2

Place the box into the bag and close it with the clips.

Step 3

Wait for 10 days. In case that no mushrooms are growing by then, wash your hands and place the Magic Cake upright in the box, close the bag again and wait.

Step 4

The mushrooms should be harvested just before the membranes on the under cap start to loosen for best results. The mushrooms can be harvested having any size. While harvesting, gently grasp the stalk and twist it left/right. When the mushroom becomes loose, pull it out as completely as possible.

Important: the mushroom should be removed completely to make room for a new one.

Step 5

Fill water into the box, take the lid from step one and close the box. Let it soak over night, pour the water out and continue with Step 2

Mushrooms don't just dry by themselves!

If you leave them lying around at room temperature, they will spoil. Make sure you have either a fruit dryer available, or get a heat mat.

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