How to start Microdosing

Don't worry, starting psilocybin Microdosing is the easiest thing in the world.

True Microdosing is like taking vitamins, you don't need a strategy, you just take it. Your body will do the work, your mind will learn how to best use the resources.

Have some tips to keep things easy and effective! 🍄😌

What should I microdose?

Magic truffles are hands down the simplest and safest way to go. You can have them shipped to your doorstep legally and just start.

They always work and you can't accidentally overdose them.

Sure, you can grow magic mushrooms instead (it's cheaper in the long run! And we can also teach you How to grow magic mushrooms.)

But you need to prepare, grow, watch, harvest, dry, portion and store them correctly to make this a viable option. All that takes time 

Why should I microdose?

Psilocybin fungi help the body heal by building up the nervous system. This helps with

  • stress
  • low energy
  • lack of focus, brain fog
  • feelings of disconnection

Which are some of the most common reasons people microdose. But it also just helps the body heal, which is helpful with tons of physical ailments.

How much, when and how? Microdosing basics

How much should I microdose?

Everyone has their own individual perfect dosage.

When in doubt, start LOW or start on a DAY OFF (or before bed).

Usually it is best to just start low, with half of a standard microdose.

For example, 0.5g of fresh truffles would be half of the standard 1g.

If you're eager to find that perfect dose fast, choose a time where you don't have to drive, work or talk to strangers and start with a full standard microdose.

Microdosing mushrooms

If you are going to grow your own cubensis mushrooms with a growkit, the amount you need is much lower.

About 0.1g of magic mushrooms is a standard microdose.

Make sure to properly dry and powder your mushrooms, to make sure it is all equally potent. You'll also need to invest in a precision scale (don't worry, they're cheap.)

When should I take my first microdose?

Start on a day that is relatively relaxed - if you can.

Most people get the most out of their microdose if they take it in the morning, after breakfast. Simply swallow with a glass of water. If you're having truffles, don't even chew them.

You can also consider taking your first microdose an hour or two before bed.

Experiment with what time of day works best for you.

In the morning after breakfast (so it is digested slowly!) or at night before bed, for more intense dreams.
You can also split up the portion and take half in the morning, half at night.

How often should I microdose?

Different sources will give you different answers, but many people start with a fixed protocol and then gradually ease into intuitive dosing.

We recommend the rhythm "6 days on, 1 day off" for psilocybin fungi. Again, this is for a true microdose, meaning quantities that do not affect you directly.

This means your nervous system gets nutrients consistently and can engage in slow, steady healing.

The day off gives you some reference to keep track of your progress. It is not necessary to avoid tolerance, as the body only builds that with higher doses.

The stamets protocol suggests "4 days on, 3 days off", assuming you are more interested in a mood and productivity boost, than lasting healing effects.

There is also the Fadiman protocol "1 day on, 2 days off" - but that was designed for LSD, where breaks are essential to keep the immune system functional.

What should I feel and how fast?

Nothing, for a few days. A true microdose does not alter your perception. You're fully sober and ready for anything, but just slightly more functional.

With the perfect dose, you should feel:

  • sober
  • alert
  • light, unbothered
  • emotionally aware

Microdosing is most beneficial when you do it at least for a few weeks, because the effects build up over time. Your body does not only get better by using the resources, it also gets more effective at how you use them. So if you're wondering...

How long can/should I microdose?

Your mind sets the limits. Most people stop microdosing when they don't actively feel the benefits anymore because they've gotten so used to them.

Your body literally has no threshold for when psilocybin microdosing becomes a bad thing - because it doesn't.

So, you can go on microdosing for years without breaks. In fact, many people have done so. But again, most people get bored. 

Try to keep it up at least 1-2 months before taking a break, otherwise the results will be less impressive and feel more coincidental.

How do I know I am microdosing too much?

 If you are over-microdosing your body kicks up the healing which may actually feel as if you're actually getting worse.

Symptoms that you should lower the dose might be:

  • feeling overly emotional
  • unusual tenderness
  • irritability or downright anger
  • tingling sensation in extremities

Can i combine microdosing with medication?

Yes, but.

Only a true microdose is safe to take alongside any medication. Remember, a true microdose means an amount so small it has NO direct effects on your state of mind.

As soon as you go beyond micro, you have to watch like a hawk for any sort of interference between your meds and your dosage.

This can also mean feeling unwanted side effects of the medication you are taking. For example, if you 

Can I use microdosing to replace antidepressants

Yes, lots of people are using psilocybin microdosing to successfully wean off their antidepressant medication. However, this is not generally recommended by most psychiatrists. Keep this in mind.

If you are going to attempt it anyways, this is how it seems to work best for the largest amount of people:

  1. Find your personal microdose. For people who take antidepressants this can often be more than a standard dose, but make sure to only up the dosage slowly over the course of days.
  2. Continue your antidepressant regimen until you have found a dose of psilocybin fungi that you are comfortable with. (You should feel neither depressed nor high).
  3. Sloooowly wean off the antidepressants.
  4. Gradually lower the amount of microdosing (as your body recovers from the side effects of antidepressants, it will regain sensitivity, so you need less.)

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