Magic Truffles

Discover all about the magic mushrooms' underground little brother. Psychedelic Truffles are a European Luxury Food with a distinct psychedelic signature.

All about Truffles

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Magic Truffles 101

Are Magic truffles legal in my country?

Magic Tuffles are an official EU Luxury Food and are therefoe legal in every country that doesn't explicitlzy have a law against them.

Their legal status is especially well protected in Europe, where Union law declares One Single Market throughout the entire EU.

Read more about the details here, or contact us if you have further questions.

Which magic truffle variety is the strongest?

The fresh magic truffles you can harvest from a harvestbox are definitely the most potent you can get.

This is the only product where you can actually be sure that your truffles are insanely fresh and have 100% of their potency. They also taste better.

Between the varieties of pre-harvested and packaged magic truffles, there is some debate about which is the strongest.

Many shops will list them in the following order from strongest to weakest:

  • Psilocybe Hollandia
  • Psilocybe Utopia
  • Psilocybe Atlantis
  • Psilocybe MicroMex
  • Psilocybe Tampanensis
  • Psilocybe Mexicana
  • Psilocybe Pajaritos

In reality, these varieties mostly come from the same organism that is simply allowed different lengths of growing time.

Saying that they have different potency has the primary effect of setting up the user's expectations, which is really a huge factor determining how strong your magic truffle trip will feel.

Can I use magic truffles for microdosing?

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Magic Truffle Harvest kits

A Truffle Harvest box already contains 40-60g of truffles when you get it. They continue to grow in your home, until you open the box for picking.

This gives you the best magic truffle quality money can buy and a much nicer tasting magic truffles.

And: Each month you let pass with the box still sealed can add another 5-10g to your final harvest!

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