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Bulk Magic Truffles

Bulk Magic Truffles

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All varieties of fresh psychedelic truffles in bulk (250g)


- Fresh truffles can be consumed immediately after reception
- Adjust the dose according to your level of experience


250g of fresh magic truffles


- Thor (Hollandia)
- Loki (Tampanensis)
- Odin (Atlantis)
- Heimdall (Mexicana)
- Exotic (Pink/Red Truffles)

All magic truffle varieties have roughly equal potency of about 1mg of psilocybin per 1g of fresh truffle. Be aware that even when cooled, Magic Truffles in bags lose potency. After about 3 months all Psilocybin will be gone from the truffles, but if you dry them.

The strength of the effects are primarily determined by your state of mind and body, as well as the freshness of the truffles - rather than the actual variety.


Magic truffles are are the "little brothers" of magic mushrooms and widely popular for their amazing psychedelic qualities coupled with potential health benefits. They are the safest psychotropic substance there is and under the right circumstances can create life-altering experiences with lasting positive effects on mental health and life satisfaction.

- visual distortions, i.e. strong colors and hyperacute vision
- heightened senses (stronger smell, touch, hearing, vision and taste)
- temporary "opening" of the mind, consciousness expansion
- increased empathy
- strong emotions, improved connection to the subconscious

- sometimes also dizziness, muscle weakness and queazy stomach, prepare your set and setting diligently beforehand!

One can roughly assume that 1g dry Magic Mushrooms compares to 10g fresh Magic truffles. 

Set and Setting

Careful preparation before using the magic truffles is essential.

Both outer circumstances and inner mindset play an important role and must be considered beforehand, as the effects may last for 4-8 hours and render you incapable of normal risk assessment.

- ONLY consume magic truffles in a safe and private environment!
- never mix with other psychotropic substances, like alcohol
Be aware that the actual intensity of the effects is NOT dependent on your size and weight, but on the "body chemistry" of your body in that moment when you eat them. Some people are more sensitive than others. In case that one took psychopharmaca (medication against mental problems), one might be much less sensitive and might need much higher doses.

  • 0.5-2g micro dose
  • 2-5g mini dose
  • 5-8g small dose
  • 8-12g medium dose
  • 12-30g high dose
  • 30-50g Heroic dose

o[amounts in fresh weight. Dry weight = /3 fresh weight. Dry truffles need preparatin before they can be used for high dosing!]]

- consider doing this only in the company of a trusted, sober person to keep you safe and help pacify any upcoming emotional turmoil in states of altered consciousness.

Storage (fresh in vacuum):

- store in the fridge right after reception!
- can be kept up to 2 months during which the amount of the active substance inside decreases constantly but slowl. They should be used within a few days once the bag is opened

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Microdosing Works

  • Eoin G.

    "Really working for me, third time ordering"

  • Torben

    "Works good. More focusing and free mind"

  • Magdalena

    "Very well! These truffles are truly magical."

  • Anonymous

    "It works very fine, I feel better every day..."