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Microdosing Magic Mushroom Starter Pack

Microdosing Magic Mushroom Starter Pack

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NOTE that there are 3 varieties to this product:

  • 220V AC is suitable for European power outlets and contains EVERYTHING listed.
  • 110V AC is  suitable for American power outlets and contains EVERYTHING listed.
  • "Growkit only" is best suited if you already have a scale and heat mat and want another kit!

Everything you need to start microdosing Magic Mushrooms:

  • A small Magic Mushroom Growkit (for approx 10g of dry mushrooms = 50-200 portions (classic kit) or 20g of dry mushrooms = 100-400 portions (100% mycel kit) for microdosing). Easiest growing level - suitable for everyone.
  • A heat mat to gently dry your mushroom harvest, allowing it to maintain maximum potency (220V [Euro] or 110V [USA]). NEVER USE FOR THE GROWKIT! ONLY FOR DRYING!
  • An exact scale in precision of 0.01g

This kit is ideal for starters and the best value microdosing beginner's set! 

INSTRUCTIONS classic kit English / German (PDF)

INSTRUCTIONS 100% mycel kit English / German (PDF)

Using a Mushroom Microdosing Starter Pack:

1) Growing Mushrooms

Set up the Mushroom Growkit Grail following the instructions
The sooner you start growing, the sooner you will be able to start microdosing your own magic mushrooms.

2) Drying Mushrooms

Expect a waiting time of at least a week before the first harvest. Once your mushrooms have matured, you can use the included heat mat to dry them without reducing their potency, as the temperatures are low and ideal to preserve the psilocybin content.

Make sure to dry them until they are cracker dry and can be crumbled into dust. Mushrooms that still contain water have a gummy, elastic quality that changes into crispy once you dry out all the moisture they contain.

3) How to determine the right Microdose for yourself

Every person is different and so you will need to find out how much dry mushrooms is an ideal microdose for you.

You can start with a standard dose of 0.2g on your day off and see how that works for you. If the dose is too high, you may feel a light queasiness or a sleepy or annoyed feeling for about 1/2 to 2 hours. If it is too low, you will feel as though nothing is different at all.

The perfect microdose will just deepen your sense of focus and connectedness, as well as lift your spirits a little bit, without affecting you in any negative way. Resize the dose as needed and decide on a rhythm you want to use for microdosing (This is also known as a Microdosing protocol. For example, 1 day on, 1 day off) You may microdose every day, there is no tolerance and no need for breaks as is necessary for LSD and other problematic substances. Anyway, if yoiu feel better making breaks, you can do so as well, the healing, then will just go slower.

To continue microdosing after you will have used up all self grown Magic Mushrooms, you will just need the another growkit and can re-use all other items.

 You will need to wait about 12 to 18 days for the first harvest, thus you will be able to start microdosing in less than 3 weeks after you will have received the Magic Mushroom Microdosing starter pack.

Add a Magic Truffle Microdosing product to your order if you want to start microdosing Magic Truffles while waiting on your Magic Mushrooms to grow.

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Microdosing Works

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    "Really working for me, third time ordering"

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    "Works good. More focusing and free mind"

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    "Very well! These truffles are truly magical."

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    "It works very fine, I feel better every day..."