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Banisteriopsis caapi extract (10g)

Banisteriopsis caapi extract (10g)

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10g Banisteriopsis Caapi extract (30x concentration)

Banisteriopsis Caapi is traditionally the MAO-inhibiting component of Ayahuasca. While DMT components can vary, Caapi is so vital for the psychedelic brew, the vine itself it is also known as Ayahuasca.

The product is sourced from Ecuador and farmed sustainably, meaning that there are always more vines being replanted than harvested.

This extract has a 30-fold concentration, making it much stronger, but also more agreeable to the stomach than having to chug litres of raw material for effects. 

How to prepare Ayahuasca using Banisteriopsis Caapi extract*

*The following information is purely educational and must not be abused to break the law or put your own safety at risk. Read full disclaimer at the bottom. 

Banisteriopsis Caapi is used as the MAO-inhibitor component of Ayahuasca. In combination with DMT containing plant material, you can create the psychedelic brew.

You can either combine the two components by heating up the DMT-plant-brew and dissolving the Caapi extract into it, or choose to take them seperately. If you don't want to combine them, simply dissolve the resin in warm water (5-10g are enough for 1 person. Exceeding this dose is pointless, as the body's MAO cannot do more than be inhibited.)

Taking just Banisteriopsis Caapi extract tea is a good way of familiarizing yourself with the effects and how your body feels under its influence.

The Caapi resin can also be used for microdosing (1g = 1 microdose)


The extracted resin is super sticky at room temperature, which makes it a little bit difficult to handle. The best practice is usually to scrape some out with a spoon, dump the spoon directly in a cup of warm water and then drink that water.

Effects of Banisteriopsis Caapi extract on the body

Caapi is probably the most famous and irreplaceable component of Ayahuasca. It is known as an MAO inhibitor, so it only has very light psychotropic effects itself.

However, as it inhibits the Monoamino-oxidase, it makes the body a lot more receptive to other psychoactive substances, like mushrooms, truffles or DMT containing herbs (as in Ayahuasca).

Additionally, any DMT that's already in the body (as the human body itself can produce DMT) may develop psychedelic effects.

Set and Setting

Careful preparation is important before using high doses of psychotropics.

Caapi itself is not known to be that strong, but must NOT be consumed in combination with certain foods.


- store cool, dark and dry

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