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Mimosa hostilis root bark (Jurema)

Mimosa hostilis root bark (Jurema)

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Mimosa Hostilis 

Suitable for creating Ayahuasca, Mimosa Hostilis is essentially a tree with DMT containing root bark. It is one ingredient of Ayahuasca. Dry bark in a bag, cultivated and sustainably harvested in Mexico. Can be used for both microdosing and high dosing purposes (see preparation). Also known as: jurema, tepezcohuite    

20g is seen as one very strong dose for one person when combined with 5-10g of Banisteriopsis Caapi  extract.

  • contains NN-DMT, but has no psychedelic effects on its own
  • Can be combined with MAO inhibitors* to create Ayahuasca
  • *traditionally combined with Banisteriopsis Caapi, or Peganum harmala
  • Has use as both an entheogen and a skin care product

How to prepare Ayahuasca with Mimosa Hostilis*

*The following information is purely educational and must not be abused to break the law or put your own safety at risk. Read full disclaimer at the bottom. 

In order to create a psychedelic brew from Mimosa hostilis root bark, you will need to extract and make available the DMT it contains. This is traditionally achieved by cooking Mimosa for several hours.

The following recipe is for 50g of Mimosa Hostilis, which we will combine in the last step with 25g of Banisteriopsis Caapi resin, to create 5 strong, or 10 medium doses of Ayahuasca.

Step 1: Weigh and shred the root bark pieces

To get a maximum effect from your Mimosa, first shred the dried root bark using a coffee grinder or blender. If you want to add a personal note, you can also get a mortar and pestle and apply some muscle to hand-grind the powder even finer.

Once you have achieved a fine, fluffy texture of plant fiber, you're ready for the next step.

Step 2: Cook Mimosa for 3 hours, with apple vinegar

Cooking will allow you to extract the DMT from the Mimosa bark and get it into the water. Bring 1.5L of water to the point of boiling and add 20ml of apple vinegar.
(It is not recommended to replace the vinegar with lemon juice, which tastes horrendous)

Add the 50g Mimosa powder to the simmering water and keep it at a low boil for 3 hours. Stick around to make sure there is always enough water in the mixture. You'll want to allow more water to evaporate towards the end of the first 3 hour period, you'll do the same process with the same Mimosa bark twice more and add all the water together at the end.

Step 3: Filter out the solid root bark through fabric, squeeze it out and repeat step 2 twice

Keep the water! Don't just pour it out, catch it in a pot, squeeze out the Mimosa pulp as much as possible and use your cooking pot the same way as in step 2, twice over.
This will amount to a total cooking time of 9 hours, with 3 resulting servings of Mimosa "tea" that contains the DMT we are after.

Step 4: Reduce and add Banisteriopsis Caapi

Put all 3 servings into one pot and start reducing the amount, by putting it on low heat and allowing the water to evaporate. You will want your 50g of Mimosa to result in about 300ml of brew. 

Once you have simmered down the brew to the desired intensity, add the Caapi extract to the hot Mimosa tea. Stir at low heat for about 15 minutes, or until the Caapi is completely dissolved.

You should end up with about 300ml of fine, very potent Ayahuasca. Divided by 10, this results in enough Ayahuasca for 10 servings of 30ml.

Taking Ayahuasca made from Mimosa Hostilis and Banisteriopsis Caapi

Note that everyone is different! It is common practice with the intake of Ayahuasca to start with a small dosis (10-15ml) and allow an hour to pass, so you can evaluate its impact on you. If you feel that the dose was still too low, you can then gradually take more.

Be very careful with dosages you read online or hear from others, as there are no industry standards for Ayahuasca. 10ml of your homemade brew may very well be the equivalent of 50ml of a lower quality product that someone else might be used to.

Never do this in an unsafe setting or when you find yourself experiencing anything less than perfect health and mood. If your goal is therapeutic use, consult a professional!


Psychedelic effects of Mimosa Hostilis

These effects only come out in combination with MAO inhibitors. If you drink pure Mimosa Hostilis tea, the DMT it contains will be taken apart by your digestive system before it can affect your brain.
  • States of altered consciousness
  • Deep insight and introspection
  • Strong emotions and cathartic experiences
  • Possible adverse physical effects (nausea, vomiting - often referred to as purging)
  • Must be consumed with caution and preparation! Consult your local laws

Preparing Mimosa Hostilis for Microdosing

Pulverize This is the preferred method for microdosing Mimosa. Can be easily achieved with an electric coffee grinder / blender Tea Mimosa hostilis tea needs to be cooked for several hours as described above.
Extraction The DMT can be chemically extracted, which is a slightly more complex process, but can be achieved at home. This requires more preparation; but there are plenty of instructions for this online.

Microdosing effects of Mimosa Hostilis

  • subtle energy, often described as "feminine" in nature
  • improved attention span

Cosmetic effects of Mimosa root bark

Mimosa Hostilis is also known as the iron tree, or the skin tree and traditionally used, among other things, for:
  • skin cleansing
  • burns
  • neurodermitis

Disclaimer about the use of Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark

The purpose of this product is primarily skin cleansing, fabric dyeing and theoretically learning about teacher plants. If you are going to use this product to extract the DMT it contains, be aware that this could become a legal issue in many countries.

Ayahuasca is an extremely strong psychedelic agent and can be very dangerous in the hands of incautious people. So when we say "Use this information responsibly and don't EVER underestimate the strength of Mimosa Hostilis", this is not a wink-wink-nudge-nudge sort of insincere advice, but a very serious warning.

Overdosing some of the components to Ayahuasca can lead to some very serious health issues. And even in correct dosage, the experience with a brew that is indigenously called "Vine of the Dead" can warp your experience of reality so severely that it is sometimes difficult to return to normalcy afterwards.

Don't just wing it! 
If you have never taken Ayahuasca in a controlled setting and do not have the opportunity to partake in it in a ceremonial event, familiarize yourself with very low dosages before you go further. Never partake in it in an unsafe environment or when your health is impaired!

Note that Ayahuasca is not as safe as mushrooms to be explored by yourself.

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