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Mimosa hostilis root bark

Mimosa hostilis root bark

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Mimosa Hostilis

Suitable for creating Ayahuasca, Mimosa Hostilis is essentially a tree with DMT containing root bark. It is one ingredient of Ayahuasca. Dry bark in a bag, cultivated and sustainably harvested in Mexico. Can be used for both microdosing and high dosing purposes (see preparation). Also known as: jurema, tepezcohuite    

20g is seen as one strong dose for one person when combined with 10g or Banisteriopsis Caapi  extract.

The product

  • contains DMT, but has no psychedelic effects on its own
  • Can be combined with MAO inhibitors* to create Ayahuasca
  • *traditionally combined with Banisteriopsis Caapi, or Peganum harmala
  • Has use as both an entheogen and a skin care product

Psychedelic effects

(only in combination with MAO inhibitors)
  • States of altered consciousness
  • Deep insight and introspection
  • Strong emotions
  • Possible adverse physical effects (nausea, vomiting)
  • Must be consumed with caution and preparation


Pulverize This is the preferred method for microdosing Mimosa. Can be easily achieved with an electric coffee grinder / blender Tea Mimosa hostilis tea needs to be cooked for several hours.
Extraction The DMT can be chemically extracted, which is a slightly more complex process, but can be achieved at home. This requires more preparation; but there are plenty of instructions for this online.

Microdosing effects

  • subtle and gradual improvement of mood
  • improved attention span

Cosmetic effects

Mimosa Hostilis is also known as the skin tree and traditionally used, among other things, for:
  • skin cleansing
  • burns
  • neurodermitis

Keep in mind

  1. Never embark on a psychedelic experience in an unsafe environment.
For extensive guidance and preparation, check our article Set and Setting of a Psychedelic Experience


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