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Autoflower Cannabis seeds

Autoflower Cannabis seeds

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High potency Autoflower Cannabis seed

First things first: Autoflower is the popular one that is easy to grow.

All Autoflower seeds are also feminized - they do not produce male plants, but additionally, their flowering phase starts automatically.

Autoflower Cannabis seeds switch into flowering cycles automatically, 2-4 weeks into the growth cycle. They do not need controlled lighting circumstances for this, so this is perfect for growers with less experience/equipment.

Feminized Cannabis seeds have the huge advantage of never producing male plants (which do not produce smokable cannabis with CBD & THC), but you need to have a controlled light cycle for optimal growth and yield.


- Put the seed on planting soil and lightly cover it up to keep it moist.
- Once your seed has sprouted, keep the soil moist, repot when needed and for best results, start looking into the nutritional needs of cannabis plants.
Chances are, your local grow shop will have just what you need.
- (For Feminized only: As soon as the seed has sprouted, you will need to adjust the light cycles to keep it growing to the desired height.)


Autoflower seeds produce smaller plants than Feminized seeds, but are less care-intense as flowering happens automatically.

Feminized seeds produce bigger plants with higher yields than Autoflower seeds, but you do need to look after them more.

They need more space, attention and a strict lighting schedule.


The seeds we choose are all classics of Cannabis cultivation, with a good balance of CBD and THC content.


- store the seed cool, dark and dry until planting.



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