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Magic Truffles: A Luxury Food and Legal in the European Union

The legality of magic truffles may be a common concern among consumers, it's essential to understand the facts and dispel misconceptions. Magic truffles are not a banned substance and are available for purchase as a luxury food in Europe.

Magic Truffles are good for your health

Magic truffles have been on the market for over 20 years, with research pointing to their potential for improving health. Despite common misconceptions, magic truffles are not banned in any country. It's no wonder they are becoming more widely accepted as a functional food consumed for its positive effects.

Magic Truffles are a luxury food

The Dutch Tax Authorities (Koninklijke Belastingdienst Nederlandofficially classified magic truffles as a luxury food in 2019, which marked an important step in their legal standing.

Luxury food is defined as functional food consumed for its pleasant effects, rather than its nutritional value. This classification put magic truffles in a different tax bracket, no longer considered a product of the grey market.

This decision was CONFIRMED by a sentence of the royal dutch court in 2022: Truffles are indeed a legal luxury food, while mushrooms remain prohibited.

EU Single Market 

The European Union operates as a single market, meaning that any product produced and marketed within EU borders is equally available to all member countries. To exclude customers based on their location, known as geo-blocking, is against the law. Geo-blocking refers to the practice of denying access to goods, services, or content based on a user's geographic location. This practice is common in the e-commerce industry and can result in customers being unable to purchase items or access certain websites due to their location. Geo-blocking is considered a form of discrimination and is therefore subject to regulation in many countries.

In the European Union, for example, geo-blocking is generally prohibited under the Digital Single Market rules, which aim to ensure that customers have access to goods and services online regardless of their location. Businesses that engage in geo-blocking can face penalties and fines, making it important for companies to be aware of the regulations in their jurisdiction.

Legality of Magic Mushrooms

In regards to the legality of magic mushrooms, it is important to note that the '71 UN decision did not cover truffles or mushrooms containing psilocybin. In a case from 1978, the Florida Supreme Court concluded that psilocybin was covered by the law, but not psilocybin-containing mushrooms or any other life form containing psilocybin. This decision placed both magic mushrooms and truffles in a legal gray area, with no convictions or punishments for possession of these mushrooms.

Overall, the use of magic truffles continues to be a topic of interest and research, with new findings continually being made. Despite this, it is important to remember that they are a powerful substance and should be used with caution, ideally under the guidance of a knowledgeable individual.


A product being legal means that the trader is forced to pay taxes to the country.

For an EU country to be rightfully allowed to ban a product from their market, they must present scientific evidence that the product harms the health of the consumer. Our products, especially the Magic Truffles are beneficial for the health, not addictive and do not cause any damage to the health in any amount.

The Magic Truffles were legalized – that means that the Dutch tax institution issued a categorization for Magic Truffles as “luxury food” that is taxed with full VAT because of it’s psychedelic effects (opposite to food products for filling the stomach that are taxed with a lower VAT). This was done September 13th, 2019. No mass media mentioned that and thus a lot of disinformation is spread about the legality here and there not taking in account that hundreds of scientific studies made since 2015 proved the strong health benefits Magic Truffles can achieve – banning anon addictive, non harmful but healthy product seems impossible in sound reasoning.


Anyway it is important to understand that what seems clear and easy has a trap that is Dutch marketing that promotes the idea of “exclusivity” in the Netherlands for own profit.

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