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Salvia Divinorum (10g)

Salvia Divinorum (10g)

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Dried, organic Salvia Divinorum from Mexico

Also known as divination salvia, this herb has a long tradition with the Mazatec indians.

Its main active substance is Salvinorin, which has strong psychotropic effects.


- Smoking 5-30 minutes of effect
- chewing 10-60 minutes of effect


Organic Salvia Divinorum, sourced from Mexico.

(see the actual harvest site in the product gallery, near Oaxaca, Mexico) 

Note that while not part of the classic psychedelics, salvia can have very strong psychotropic effects and should not be used as a party drug.



Salvia is known for causing relatively short, but intense hallucinations.

- strong laughter
- vibrant colors, sometimes bizarre images
- warped perception of space, time and self
- High doses known to sometimes be quite scary, please be responsible.

Salvia Divinorum is a popular legal hallucinogenic with users holding wildly differing opinions about it - you hate it or you love it.

Set and Setting

Careful preparation is important before using high doses of psychotropics.


- store cool, dark and dry

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