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Spore vial - VIAL OF THE GODS

Spore vial - VIAL OF THE GODS

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Magic mushroom spore vial

Spore vial with 10ml of sterile water and spores different strains of magic mushrooms. The vial is just marked with the strains' initials, for problem-free shipping.    

The product

Spores in sterile water are ideal for magic mushroom cultivation. (Spore prints are another option, but they're a lot more difficult to keep sterile and are more suitable for lab conditions.) Spore vials are perfect for easy mushroom cultivation at home.    

Preparing mycelium cultivation

The spores can be used for inoculating either a liquid culture, or sterilized substrate. You need:
  • Liquid culture / sterile substrate
  • Alcohol pad
  • Spore vial (included)
  • Sterile syringe
Filling the syringe with the spores and sterile water is best done in a clean environment. Use the alcohol pad to wipe off the top of the vial before inserting the syringe.    

The Mushroom spores

Spores are extremely durable and can be stored for years. In order to use them for cultivating magic mushrooms, you can insert them into nutrient solution, to create a liquid culture. They will then develop fine threads of mycelium, called hyphae. This liquid culture can then be used to inoculate sterilized substrate.

Once the mycelium has grown enough and the outside conditions are right, it is able to produce mushrooms.   You also need a sterile syringe for the inoculation, which isn't included, but also available in the shop.* (*While some providers sell filled spore syringes, this can easily cause problems with customs. Shipping packaged, sterilized syringes is a safer option and is no less practical  .)


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