About Microdosing

About Microdosing

Why use Microdosing?

Microdosing can help you bring balance to the nervous system over time.

There are two big motivations in the microdosing movement: Health and Performance. Let's break them down.

Microdosing for Health

Pain is hands down the Number 1 motivator for people to get into microdosing.

And while the internet is overflowing with claims on the miraculous efficacy of mushrooms against depression, modern science is going at a way slower pace than seems warranted. 
Keep this in mind as we take a look at the whopping success of the microdosing movement.

Here are some of the symptoms and afflictions that people are battling with the help of microdosing:


  • Migraines
  • Cluster-headaches
  • inflammation-related pain such as arthritis
  • chronic muscle pain


  • Depression
  • Anxiety**
  • ADHD symptoms
  • Addictions to both substances and entertainment

This sprawling range of application makes more sense if you look at the mechanisms of microdosing: Lower stress levely by helping us relax the tight grip we hold on our sense of self. 

More on that below.

Microdosing for Performance

"Microdosing works for the betterment of well people."

This illustrates nicely why Microdosing is the key to the paradigm shift in psychedelics. Being better is for everyone. There is nothing whacky about wanting to feel better, learn better, do better.

Again, the perceived improvement comes on two levels.


  • lower inflammation levels (and therefore less pain)
  • deep tissue relaxation
  • higher energy from added serotonin
  • better body perception


  • improved mood 
  • enhanced learning (BDNF increasing neuroplasticity)
  • greater empathy
  • creative boost of new perspectives


A note on the state of research

Science is great. It can tell us so much! But sometimes, it can only tell us so much and it is currently greatly hindered by the lingering stigma and legal issues on psilocybin.

What we can say for sure is, that microdosing works best if you want it to.

Sounds bold, but studies are actually suggesting that great expectations from your microdose make for the best results. (***)

While there is definitely a purely material component to its effects ( the brain really cannot just ignore chemicals you provide it with! ) there is also a big psychological component.

Attitude matters.

Who would have thought?



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