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Trip-E (4 capsules)

Trip-E (4 capsules)

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Trip-E produces colorful visions with mystical character. The effect occurs about 30-60 minutes after ingestion and can last between four and six hours. According to experienced users, the effect of Trip-E can be compared to a mild LSD trip. 

Capsules always contains the same amount of Hawaiian wood rose and caffeine, which are the main active ingredients of this stimulating mixture.  


Energy ****
Concentration *
Relaxation **
Love ***
Psychedelic *****

The user can reach a euphoric state after ingestion, which is followed by a pleasant tingling sensation throughout the body that lasts for some time. (The big advantage here is that Trip-E is completely legal and officially manufactured and sold).  

About the Hawaiian Woodrose

Main active ingredient: Ergin (also present in ergot, can serve as a raw material for the synthesis of LSD). Ergin produces just those "typical" psychedelic effects which are also expected from DMT, magic mushrooms or LSD.  


Take 1-2 capsules on an empty stomach. The effects appear after about 45 minutes.
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  • Eoin G.

    "Really working for me, third time ordering"

  • Torben

    "Works good. More focusing and free mind"

  • Magdalena

    "Very well! These truffles are truly magical."

  • Anonymous

    "It works very fine, I feel better every day..."