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10% CBD Hempcare

10% CBD Hempcare

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10% CBD Hempcare RAW / RUBY / SPORT / SLEEP 

Hempcare CBD oil is a well-established brand specializing in high quality products combined with natural ingredients. 
Made up of hemp seed oil and hemp extract which has strong Anti-inflammatory effects.

Non-psychoactive! These products contain no THC.


- 1-5 drops under your tongue, twice per day

RAW: Basic (5%)

Basic CBD product, well-rounded rather than specialized.

  • the ideal CBD starter product
  • contains cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes
  • contains all substances that occur naturally in the hemp plant
  • Relieves stress, anxiety & pain
  • Improves mood

RUBY : Recovery

CBD Ruby owes its red color to the acidity of the flavonoid present.
the ruby color is 100% natural, as is the entire product

  • Optimal balance of CBD, CBG and CBN
  • contains a lot of Beta-caryophyllene (anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects)
  • Highly effective agent for improved healing (Rest and Repair)
  • Conteracts Anxiety and stress complaints
  • May reduce ADHD, Parkinson’s, rheumatic complaints and migraine

SPORT: Athletics

Developed in close collaboration with professional athletes.

  • perfectly balanced to help the body recover faster
  • contains terpenes, various cannabiols (like CBD and CBG), vitamins and proteins
  • has positive effects on both the active and rest phase of your workout
  • Lowers pain levels and speeds up tissue regeneration
  • Improves sleep quality


  • helps pacify the nervous system
  • calms down the mind to improve sleep
  • alleviates deep tissue tension



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