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CBD Hempcare

CBD Hempcare

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5%/10% CBD extract drops Hempcare

CBD extract drops are an ideal product for regular intakes of small quantities of CBD.

They come in 10ml/30ml rations (about 200 / 600 drops). Taken daily, 5 drops under the tongue will last you 40 / 120 days.

The most remarkable and sought-after effects of CBD include lowering inflammation, relieving pain and making stress more manageable, both physically and mentally.
Hempcare CBD extracts are made up of hemp seed oil and hemp extract and are non-psychoactive!

These products contain no THC.


How do you use CBD for your health:

- Put 1-5 drops under your tongue
- Avoid swallowing the the oil for a few minutes
- This allows you to absorb the active terpenes through the skin of your mouth
- Store in the fridge


Health benefits of CBD oils

Scientific backup for the benefits of CBD is still pending and debated.

However, there is a growing body of anecdotal success stories of people improving their physical and mental condition with the help of CBD.

Contains cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.



Cannabidiol (CBD): CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the brain, lowering anxiety and does not produce any hallucinatory or intoxicating effects when ingested.

Cannabigerol (CBG)CBG studies have shown that this might be helpful to fight inflammation, mild pain or nausea. Some data suggests it also significantly reduces intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma

Cannabinol (CBN): CBN can be used effectively as a sleep aid or mild sedative. This cannabinoid has also been said to help regulate the immune system and works to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by several conditions.

Terpenes: "Hemp terpenes show excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer values and antioxidant activities, etc., and have been proven to have an 'entourage effect' with CBD, improving CBD functionality"


Hempcare CBD - RAW: Basic (5%)

This basic CBD product is well-rounded rather than specialized.

It is an excellent starter product if you want to get to know the effects of CBD.

  • contains cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes
  • contains all substances that occur naturally in the hemp plant
  • Relieves stress, anxiety & pain
  • Improves mood


Hempcare RUBY : Recovery

This variety is excellent for anyone in a physical healing phase.
CBD Ruby owes its red color to the acidity of the flavonoid present.

  • Optimal balance of CBD, CBG and CBN
  • contains a lot of Beta-caryophyllene (anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects)
  • Highly effective agent for improved healing (Rest and Repair)
  • Conteracts Anxiety and stress complaints
  • May reduce ADHD, Parkinson’s, rheumatic complaints and migraine

Hempcare SPORT: Athletics

Hempcare sport is developed in close collaboration with professional athletes. 

  • perfectly balanced to help the body recover faster
  • contains terpenes, various cannabiols (like CBD and CBG), vitamins and proteins
  • has positive effects on both the active and rest phase of your workout
  • Lowers pain levels and speeds up tissue regeneration
  • Improves sleep quality

Hempcare SLEEP: 

  • helps pacify the nervous system
  • calms down the mind to improve sleep
  • alleviates deep tissue tension


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    "Works good. More focusing and free mind"

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    "Very well! These truffles are truly magical."

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    "It works very fine, I feel better every day..."