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10g/100g of dried, organic Chaliponga leaves.

This plant is related to the coffee plant and is similar to Chacruna. However, its leaves are bigger and it contains more active substances, which means you will need less raw material to achieve the desired effects.

This DMT rich herb from the Amazonian basin is often used for the brewing of Ayahuasca.

Like all DMT-containing plants, it produces psychedelic effects and states of altered consciousness. The effect sets in relatively quickly and can be accompanied by euphoric feelings, excitability and loss of orientation. 


However if taken orally, these effects will only be achievable in combination with MAO inhibitors.


10g is considered a standard dose of Chaliponga.

With patience, proper preparation and experience you can work your way up to 25g, but that is the high end of the spectrum.

"Diplopterys cabrerana" 


Preparation of Ayahuasca with Chaliponga and Caapi resin

In order to prepare your own Ayahuasca at home, you will first need to prepare the Chaliponga, then add the Caapi resin at the end.

1) Pulverize your Chaliponga with a coffee grinder/blender. If you don't have that option, use your hands to crumble it down to tiny pieces.

2) Cook the powder in 3-4l of water and 60ml of white vinegar for 3 hours.

3) Strain the powder through a coffee filter, making sure to keep the water!

4) Cook the powder again in 3l of water + white vinegar for another 3 hours.

5) Filter out the powder, you can get rid of it at this point.

6) Putting all the water you used to extract the powder in one pot, start reducing the liquid down to a few hundred mililitres. (Depending on how much you are willing to drink, 20ml being a reasonable minimum.)

7) Start stirring in the Caapi resin until it is completely dissolved.

8) Your ayahuasca is now ready for consumption, but can also be kept in the fridge for several months. (After about 6 months it will start losing potency though.)



12.5g Chaliponga for 5g of Caapi (1 medium portion)
 reduce to 20ml of Chaliponga extract, add 5g of Caapi resin
 25ml medium strength Ayahuasca, suitable for 1 person 

25g Chaliponga for 10g of Caapi (2 strong portions)
 reduce to 30ml of Chaliponga extract, add 10g of Caapi resin
 40ml strong Ayahuasca, suitable for 2 persons 

250g of Chaliponga for 100g of Caapi (10 strong portions)
 reduce to 200ml of Chaliponga extract, add 100g Caapi resin
 300ml strong Ayahuasca, suitable for 10 persons (10 portions of 30ml)

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