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Indoor Cannabis Growtent

Indoor Cannabis Growtent

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Indoor Hemp grow tent + equipment

The complete package for hemp cultivation.

  Lightweight, easy to build tent for indoor cultivation of e.g. hemp and other plants. Ideal conditions for healthy and potent plants and high yields. Dimensions 70x70x178 Contains:
  • Grow tent
  • Full-spectrum LED grow lamp
  • Aeration fan
  • Timer


  • Perfect for hemp cultivation
  • Mirrored inner lining for extra efficient growing
  • Easy to use, no problem even for beginners!
  • Opaque and easy to ventilate

Breeding lamp

  • 38W LED
  • Perfect for plant breeding

Ventilation + timer

  • perfect for any home
  • Semi-automatic breeding, only watering from time to time!
    Tent setup takes about 3-10 minutes and requires no tools or manual dexterity.... Assembly instructions see gallery


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