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Peganum Harmala 1g - 10x extract (Syrian Rue)

Peganum Harmala 1g - 10x extract (Syrian Rue)

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Peganum Harmala Extract = 10x more concentrated than pure peganum!

Use of Syrian rue (peganum Harmala) is well known in Iran and part of folk medicine. Its properties are antifungal, antibacterial, hypothermic, anticancer, antinociceptive, and reversible monoamine oxidase inhibition.

This product is made to be used as incense, and not for oral consumption.
Its main active substances are harmine and harmaline.

This product is an extract with a tenfold concentration, so 0.5g of extract equals the effect of 5g syrian rue powder. 

How to use Peganum Harmala extract 

This extract of syrian rue is meant to be used as incense or for research purposes only. Keep it stored sealed in a ziplock bag or similar container to avoid it coming in contact with moisture, as it attracts ambient moisture strongly.

As for psychedelic use, you may find conflicting information online about the strength and correct use of peganum harmala. The following information is therefore listed for safety purposes andrisk mitigation. It is not to be misconstrued as recommendation for use, but should serve as an overview of the pharmacological and toxicological effects.

Safety precautions

The traditional use of peganum harmala is for abortions and controlled cleansing of the body by throwing up. As such it is way less safe than for example mushrooms, becomes toxic in large dosages and even in small doses induces states of mild poisoning.

Psychedelic effects of Peganum Harmala extract

Peganum Harmala acts as an MAO inhibitor, so it can greatly potentiate the effects of magic mushrooms or truffles, as well as allowing one to consume DMT containing plants orally with a tremendous psychedelic effect.

MAO inhibitors have the effect of blocking the digestive enzyme Mono-amino-oxidase. This leads to DMT that may already, naturally be in your body no longer being broken down in the digestive system. The direct effects are not very pleasant and tend to include:

  • queazy feeling
  • nausea
  • sensitivity to cold
  • general sensation of unease

In the state of being affected by Peganum Harmala, the body becomes extremely susceptible to any orally consumed DMT, as may be found in the classic ingredients of Ayahuasca brew.

Combining Peganum Harmala with DMT containing plants & fungi (Ayahuasca / Psilohuasca)

Syrian rue can be used to make DMT orally active, as well as to make the effects of psilocybin fungi stronger (commonly referred to as Psilohuasca).

However, it also has its own signature and alters the nature of the experience itself. This can result in experiences feeling quite foreign and strange, even if you are well acquainted with a substance itself. This may erase all feelings of familiarity and give you the sensation of having entered into a seperate reality.

While syrian rue is somewhat popular with hobby psychonauts, it would be a mistake to assume that it simply enhances the visual effects of trips. This desert shrub is traditionally used as a cleansing agent. In combination with DMT or psilocin containing plants or fungi, the unwell feeling it evokes may become not unlike that of temporary psychosis.

This sensation can be greatly disturbing, even to hardboiled psychonauts. It requires extreme caution with dosing and should never be embarked upon without having a trusted tripsitter with you. 

Peganum Harmala extract dosage

Peganum Harmala extract is 10 times stronger than pure peganum Harmala powder, which is already active in very small dosages

0.5g is the maximum dosage of extract anyone should ingest, with 0.2g being a more reasonable dose and highly unpleasant effects going along with overdoses. Going beyond this maximum has no positive side either, because once the body's MAO is completely inhibited, there is no other function for Syrian rue.

Possible physical effects of overdosing include:

  •  Tremors and convulsions
  • Hypothermia
  • Delirium and loss of coordination
  • Respiratory paralysis (!)

The present extract is therefore only meant to be used as an addition to incense.
Store dry and dark!

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